Calling Copenhagen calcio crazies

Calcio in Copenhagen?As many of you should know I’m a Dane. I live in our wonderful capital Copenhagen. I am calling out for other people who do the same, who would like to share the fascinating world of Sunday night Italian football with me.

I often go to watch Serie A on Vesterbro. Normally I go to High Q on the corner of Dybbølsgade and Søndre Boulevard, but at times I have to go to O’leary’s at the main station. I used to frequent Pub & Sport at Vester Voldgade a lot back in the days, but I haven’t been there for a good while.

My goal with this post is to gather a group of people, who share the passion for calcio, and who would like to share those Sunday nights with me and each other. It’s a bit sad sitting on the edge of the seat during another 3-4 Roma defeat or witness another stunning Cavani goal when everyone in the bar apart from my is occupied with something as irrelevant as La Liga or NFL.

What I imagine is that we make a place and time (may I suggest 20.45) to meet up every Sunday night. Together we enjoy, or try to enjoy depending on the circumstances, the night’s game. I’m not talking boozing, just a beer, some coffee, a cola, or whatever you want.

So what we simply need to do is to make a deal on where to meet. High Q is a place where it’s allowed to smoke. Personally I don’t smoke, but it’s close to my home, and I don’t mind the smoke too much. O’leary’s is non-smoking but also without much charm. Pub & Sport is more or less the same, but here you can often encounter a few Italians following the games. If you know other bars, where they show calcio on a regular basis, I’m open for them too.

Please note that this isn’t a club, and you don’t have to tell if you’re not coming. The goal is just to gather calcio lovers to share the fun.

The first game is Milan – Udinese tonight the 3rd of February. I will be at High Q. It’s close to Dybbølsbro station. Just walk down Dybbølsgade and when you reach Søndre Boulevard you’ll see it. NOTE – It’s on Pub&Sport on Vester Voldgade instead! Next week I’m going skiing, but I’ll work hard to make this initiative work going forward. Please join me in the fun (and occasional loathing…).

Please share this with whoever you know who might be interested. I suggest that we use the Facebook page of “Alt om italiensk fodbold” to communicate. http://www.facebook.com/aoitalienskfodbold?ref=ts&fref=ts. I’ll start todays’s thread asap.


Photo by Dom Dada.

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  1. Mikkel Gottlieb says:

    Hi mate,
    First of all great to hear about your passion for calcio, and I can only agree on your perspective. Actually this was the reason why me and 6 other Romanistas gathered together to find a suitable sportsbar in Copenhagen. After having used both O’Learys and Pub & Sport, we made a deal with Krølben Sportsbar, which is now the official Roma bar in Denmark. At a common game we are approximately 15-20 Romanistas both Danish and Italian, and at the Derbyies we have been nearly 40-50. This is when you can really feel the passion with Calcio!! It is located on Studiestræde and shows every Serie A game on Canal+.
    Hope to see you there.


    1. TT says:

      Hey Mikkel – sounds cool! Maybe I should come by in a couple of weeks and try to make a deal with them about Sunday night calcio too. Also when it’s not Roma playing. We’ll keep in touch.

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